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Work one-on-one with our design team to create your dream website that will actually generate leads.

We are a fearless group of nerds that love taking on challenges! With collaboration at our core, we are ready to work with you to handcraft your dream website. We excel at listening and then acting on your needs, to deliver a successful web design in Charlotte. Our team is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and passion needed to get the job done.

Why Ivanco Digital?



We are specialists in our fields with a combined experience of 14 years. We are open-minded to a fast-changing digital world.


100% In-house

We are a results-driven company proudly offering in-house services since day one. That’s right zero outsourcing!


Quick Turnaround

Our design and development team is fast & efficient at taking your designs in making them a reality in the agreed timeline.

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Ivanco Digital Web Design Discovery


Timeline: First 3 days

In our discovery session, we will discuss your Charlotte website’s goals and timeline. We’ll collaborate to ensure we can build your site in a way that attracts new customers.

Phase #1
Ivanco Digital Web Design Mock-Ups


Timeline: 1-2 Weeks

We start with wireframes. As they get closer to being completed, we then will design high-fidelity mock-ups that will finalize the look and feel of your Charlotte website.

Phase #2
Ivanco Digital Web Design Development


Timeline: 1-2 Weeks

As the design is completed, we start the development process. During which we finalize the copy, imagery, messaging, and test website to eliminate any bugs.

Phase #3
Some industries we work with

Web Design Industries

We have designed websites for clients in many different industries. We’ve had the opportunity to work with some great clients in Florida, The United States of America, Australia, Asia, and Globally.

Social Media
Real Estate
Property Management
Pest Control
Fortune 500
Many More ...
Here are the pricing packages we have for the website design

Our Charlotte Website Design Pricing


We will build a template website based on your sample provided.

Bronze Website package Details

Webflow Template
1 Hour Brainstorm
Basic Customization of Theme
Mobile Responsive
Social Media Integration
Google Maps
Contact Form
Photo Sourcing
2 Rounds of Revisions

$500 Bronze Package

+ $200 per website page
For Example
3 Page Site = $1100
5 Page Site = $1500
10 Page Site = $2500


We will build a website from scratch with mock-ups on WordPress or Webflow CMS (or custom-built) based on your direction.

Gold Website package Details

WP or WP site from Scratch
2 rounds of upfront Mock-ups
2 Hours Brainstorm
Fully Unique Design
Mobile Responsive
Social Media Integration
Google Maps
CRM / Mailing List Plugin
Contact Form
Photo Sourcing
3 Rounds of Revisions
40 Custom Icons
Social Sharing
Google Analytics
Error 404 Redirecting
Website Search
2 Hour “How To” Tutorial

$5000+ Gold Package

+ $200 per website page
For Example
3 Page Site = $5600
5 Page Site = $6000
10 Page Site = $7000

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split dragon founder matthew schone
Matthew Schone
split dragon

"I hired Vlad and we've worked on 5+ websites together. I strongly recommend Vlad. He's detail-oriented, good with time management, communicates well, and a naturally great designer that gets better and better."

Evgeny Radchenko
homechain ai

"I have been working with Vladislav for several years on various web design projects and topics. This is 1 of the most responsible and professional specialists I have met. The quality of the job is always on top.”

Yana Cretsu

"Vlad is an excellent professional. He always thinks about the needs of my clients and makes sure that this brings new leads to my business.
I recommend Vlad to everyone who needs to promote their site in search engines."

Frequently Asked Question

How much do you charge to build a website?

There’s not one single answer to this question. A website design is quoted based on the needs of each project. Every website is unique and requires different components; we design and develop custom websites specifically for your business. We’ll ask a lot of questions, assess your needs, and give you a price quote based on your business needs. Our smallest package starts at $500. Please book a free 30-min consultation to begin the quote process started!

How long will it take to complete my website?

Our standard timeline is 3-6 weeks to complete a website but this depends on the project since the size and pace of any project is depending on each client. How much input you can provide during the initial stages, your feedback, how soon the content is provided – all this affects the speed of completion. The functionality and revisions required will also play a role in your timeline.

Will I be able to update the site myself when it’s finished?

Yes. We provide you with maximal control over your website, so you could change any text, image, or video.

That's why we offer Webflow as it gives you the shortest learning curve, and provides you with a simple interface.

However, we do recommend a developer complete more complex changes and maintenance such as plugin updates, design or layout changes, and complex functionality requirements.

We also provide hourly website management tutorials at $60+taxes per hour if you are interested in learning how to get the most of Your WordPress, Webflow, or custom CMS to make minor updates fast & independently.

What is the difference in your various website packages?

Bronze Package - a template-based website

First of all, you send us 5 examples of websites you love. Then we choose 5 templates that look alike to your examples and ask your opinion and choose one. If these 5 not fit you, we will choose another five based on your feedback.
We create the unique content (changed colors, logos, copy, imagery, videos, fonts, contact forms, maps, social media etc.) for the website, based on an adapted theme for your brand.
While the project is in the process, you will be provided with a secret link and password to the development server. There you can view what we've done and send a review with a list of revisions. Once it is done, the process repeats once again.
As the development is done and you are happy with the website, we check it on mobile responsiveness and any bugs to fix. So anyone in the world could see and navigate through your website easily.

Silver Package - a fully unique custom design website

We still need your guidance, since you are the expert in your business, and ask you to share 5 examples of websites you love. After we all choose the best and figure out why we start the wireframing, design and development process. We sit down, gather information about you and your competitors, do research, getting stats on your competitors.
The wireframe is a wired-style version of your future website, where the primary goal is to agree on elements’ position and content placement. After you are happy with the layout of the website, we proceed to the design stage. Here we design all necessary pages for all popular desktop, tablet, and mobile screens. Important to say, that we can make it look as you and our design experts can imagine. Once you are happy with the unique visual look of your website we start the process of development.
During this stage, you will have password-protected access to the test domain to check the work going on. As the development is done and you are happy with the website, we check it on mobile responsiveness and bugs, if there are any. Then, the website launch!

Gold Package - for the company that wants to see what their website will look and work like before it is fully built

We sit down, gather information about you and your competitors, do research, getting stats on your competitors. In terms of content we rely on you, since you are the expert in your industry. Yet our copyrighters can polish it up for the best conversion rates. We stop at nothing to ensure quality, testing, and security.
So anything is possible in a way you want because it is completely from scratch. Usually, this plan is chosen by companies with boardrooms because there is more than one decision-maker that wants to physically see what a 2-page mock-up will look like.
At any stage of the process ( discovery, content creation, wireframing, design, and development) you will have links and passwords to see how the process is going. After the website is built, we check it for bugs and mobile responsiveness. We ensure that the website is being launch to the world and works perfectly.

Do I really need a new website?

It is a common thought of a business owner, that they do not need a new or better website.

In rare cases it is true. But 8/10 businesses in 2021 need a properly working website, and it means that the whole website needs to be re-built to meet the standards of users and search engines.

In 2020 more than 90% of customers visit the website first, before deciding to have contact with the business.

If you rely completely on referrals and repeat customers, you are most likely to lose massive profits that go to your competitors.

Will you maintain our website for us?

We can maintain your website, or you can do so yourself with basic minor changes. This is 100% your choice. You can contact us as you require updates to your website and we will provide an hourly quote based on your requests.

Do you provide website hosting and domain?

No, you will be responsible for website hosting and domain. This will ensure that you will have full access to your website upon migration.  However, we can recommend hosting packages to you (Webflow, Godaddy, and Bluehost) and we will complete the migration to your new hosting including in our website design package pricing.

Will my website be mobile-friendly?

Absolutely! Having a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever! 56.12% of all internet traffic is Mobile. We work hard to ensure your website is responsive on modern devices and browsers.

How much input do I have in the website design process?

A lot! Your input and feedback are crucial to the website design and development process. We’ll start with a lot of questions about your needs and wants and work with you to develop just the right look and functionality.

We also request you to provide sample websites before we start work on your project. Remember this is your website and we need your help and direction as to your final vision. We’re a team and look forward to hearing your ideas.

Who writes the text/content for the website?

We require that you provide all of the text content for your website. You are the expert on your business, so it’s always best if it comes from you. If you need assistance, we have a copywriter on our team who can help polish or write original content for you at an additional cost of $40 per hour.

What is the difference between WordPress and Webflow CMS?

The main difference is flexibility vs ease of use.

Webflow is one of the best CMS on the market because gives you all the tools you need to edit your website out of the box, and provides you with a simple interface that is easy to learn and navigate. Webflow is best for Landing pages, Blogs, Corporate Websites, and small stores.

WordPress, on the other hand, is far way less easy to use. Yet if you need a website with a lot of custom functionality, like full e-commerce with hundreds of listings and custom filters, WordPress is the best choice.

What if I need help on my site down the road?

We're hare! We are ready to help you as much as you need, and we’ll be available even after the launch of your new website.

Our team takes pride in building a long-term business relationship with our clients and we look forward to the opportunity to work on your future projects or growing your website further. Feel free to email us to request a quote or ask a question about your project.

Is SEO included in my website build?

No, the build of your website does not include monthly SEO. Everything we add to your website including text, photos, and video will be seen by Google but that doesn’t mean you will rank #1.

We do, provide monthly SEO services with our team of specialists who are ready to assist with your SEO needs! You can learn more about our Search engine optimization services here.

Do you work with new and small businesses?

Yes! We work with all types of businesses – new, startups, small, and big corporations. We are excited to work with new businesses that taking their first steps into an online presence and making their vision come to life.

What is photo sourcing?

If required, we will assist you in finding free stock images from websites such as Pexels and Unsplash. Your guidance will be required to find the perfect images, graphics, vectors for your website and brand.

What forms of payments do you accept?

Upon agreement of the quote, we will accept Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Cheque.

How do we get started?

Contact us by email at ivancodigital@gmail.com with your website details (current or new project), page breakdown, and any sample websites to reference. Upon review, we will provide an estimate for your project or schedule a call to discuss further.

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